Sunday, March 27, 2011

Questions and Answers

"Can I mix and match the materials in my snack bags, and can I order 4 instead of 3?"

Yes you certainly can mix and match. Just give me the names of the prints you are interested in. I am happy to custom order anything for you. And yes, if you would like 4 snack bags (large size) the cost would be $16
4 snack bags (small size) the cost would be $12

"Can I purchase just a wipes bag?"

You sure can. The cost of just the "wipes bag" would be $5 dollars.

"Can you custom order any material if I am looking for something in particular? I really love OWL material, can you help?"

Yes, there are some fabrics out there with owl material, both for girls and boys. I am happy to take some pictures to show you the material I have available to me.

"How are the snack bags fastened?"

All bags are fastened with velcro and are very sturdy. I use them all the time with my kiddos and they hold up very well.

"What is the washing instructions on your items?"

All my items have care instructions to wash in cold water and lay flat to dry. No dryer please. This will help to ensure the longevity of the item, keep colors bright and keep shrinking from happening. For snack bags, you can turn inside out, easily wipe clean with some mild soap and water or just wipe with a cloth. The same goes for the changing pads, wipes holder and soon to be lunch bags.

"Can you mail items to Canada and International?"

Yes, I believe we can do items to Canada. International I will look into that for you as soon as I can. Promise. I have a delivery to make tomorrow and I will definitely ask the post office about this.

Thanks everyone for all the great questions!!

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