Saturday, March 12, 2011

Not your Everyday Burp Cloth

Below are handmade burp clothes. But wait, they are much more then the ones you see in the stores. These are made from the finest and softest material I can find. With an inner liner to keep spit ups and those occasional "big messes" from going through I have also filled the liner with polymer beads and fine sand to weigh each cloth down. This helps keep the cloth in place from falling off your shoulder. Each item is double stitched. Both beads and sand are in separate compartments and will not spill out. Hand washing is recommended, but you can throw them in a light cycle with cold water only. Lay flat to dry. Find something you love, but would like to change it up. Simply pick the name of the fabric you want, along with the backing color or it can be the same fabric for both sides and email me :-) Custom orders are available. Easy Ordering if you wish to mix and match!!

Full Size Picture of Burp Clothes


Soft Baby Pink
Soft Baby Green
Soft Ocean Blue with Raised Dots
Soft Yellow
"Owls with Lady Bugs"
Pink Elephants

"Mr. Owens Penguins"

"Green Plaid"

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